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Shanghai Group Test Equipment Co., Ltd. on the device is the device group s member companies , the company specializes in high-end environments and reliability test equipment and its edge product development, production , sales and technical services, with the design, manufacture of large complex non-standard environmental testing mature experience and ability to install the equipment .

   Shanghai Group Test Equipment Co., Ltd. on is always attaches great importance to product quality, emphasis on quality, product quality as enterprise life, the establishment of a scientific and strict quality management system. And in October 2005 passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. The Company implemented GB, GJB, IEC, MIL, JJF and other product standards, establish a strict quality inspection system, all parts are purchased outside the Association to conduct incoming inspection , substandard allowed storage. Products manufactured by Taiwan for the implementation of inspection and inspection report . Quality: " leading technology, quality and efficient , excellent service, good faith compliance, customer satisfaction ." The companys on-site management to implement "5S" management to ensure the rational and orderly production process , thus ensuring product quality control process . The company attaches great importance to customer complaints and feedback on quality issues , the establishment of the quality of telephone complaints , and do it quickly addressed and resolved to reflect the user s various quality problems.

   Our main product configuration high gold content , durable , fine workmanship , nice. Series : high and low temperature test chamber, temperature and humidity chamber, walk-in temperature and humidity chamber, rapid temperature change ( hot and humid ) chamber, temperature chamber , thermal shock chamber , salt spray corrosion test chamber , Shachenshiyanxiang , rain chamber ; also produces a variety of commonly used test tank, aging tank , ovens and other test equipment.